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Air Stone

Author : Efrain Silva

My dear reader, we now come upon a topic of great (although not often touched upon) interest to you as a fish tank owner : That of the all - amazing, illustrious, glorious, necessary air stone. You may have heard of it, perhaps in a brief mention by another fish owner you know ; or perhaps the term is familiar to you through having browsed all the latest issues of Indoor magazine. Regardless, however you are familiar with the one and only air stone, allow me to still illuminate you —- in this short reading, we are going to talk all about, as well as some of the best selections of air stones you can come up with. So let’s hop further into the topic!

First of all, some people also like to call the air stone by the name of “the aquarium bubbler”. So if you prefer the sound of that better (I personally do not — but, hey, everyone has their own opinion on everything, so we can agree to disagree), then by all means, own it! Embrace it. And call it out every time you see it at the store (“Look! That’s a pack of aquarium bubblers on sale right now in the next aisle!”).

Now, you probably already have all the neat little other accessories that go with a great tank, so why is the air stone(s) so special, then? Well, that’d be because, unlike the decorative plants, pots, and even castles or other little mini - buildings you can put in there for your aqua life to play with, with the air stone, you get to uniquely and solely create an ongoing stream of bubbles (yes — that is right, one that’s in constant motion all the time). The NICREW and Hygger air stones are some of my favorites, but let’s not also forget the Pawfly ones made available as well — these three brand names are some of the most widely - sold out there, and you will make a good investment by choosing them.

Air stones help circulate the water inside the tank. And this is especially useful if it tends to be a more motionless, still tank altogether. When that is the case, germs tend to stick in one place and congregate there, not to mention solidify themselves more quickly and easily, making them harder to remove later. So you could likewise say, as has also been reported by research experts, that airstones — all in all — help keep the motion and health in the tank (also serving a great detoxifying effect).

I like the cylinder - shaped air stones also. These also make quite a difference. Yueton sells them in many places.

You got water right under the substrate, which has probably changed color by now or started to appear less clear and fresh - smelling than at first? No problem : Let those air stone bubbles do their work and lift such water to the top of your aqua tank! Invest in quality air stones for your tanks, and know that some do already include their air pumps.