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Freshwater Stingray

Author : Efrain Silva

What can be said about the freshwater stingray? Hmm, let me think…..oh, I know….how about the fact that this creature is a relative of the shark (ooh, scary)? No joke, this little guy, and sharks, have a similar mindset when it comes to the predatorial side of things. Freshwater stingrays and sharks alike both have cartilage for their skeleton composition, and this alone can tell you why it is so darn easy for such a creature to seamlessly (not to mention quickly) glide right across the water ; if you’ve ever watched a live shark attack on TV (which I do not recommend, if you happen to faint at the sight of blood), you will know that a nearby shark can make its way over to a human and take a quick bite in rapid time (seconds, even, to get from one side of the water to the other side, where you may be at).

Handle the stinger of any freshwater stingray with only the best of care as this part is one of its most sensitive and important features overall (remember the tragic fate of Steve Irwin back in late 2006?). The stinger can hurt anyone it hits, or “stings” ; and if someone is especially unlucky, it can hit the chest or heart area, and that person could have a heart attack and die (or simply put, their heart could stop beating). Anyways, if this does not scare you off, then that means the freshwater stingray (in any of its numerous types and species found) could make a good pet for your water tank. Taking care of freshwater stingray, thankfully, is not the most difficult thing in the world — far from it, these are easy pets to care for, having the very same types of needs that most other freshwater fish tend to have.

These omnivores like to eat, and you will soon know it after taking one home with you — know that if there are nearby fish in the same tank, and they happen to be very small, you may want to think about moving them to another one of your tanks and doing so asap. That is, of course, unless you don’t mind making some room in the tank (these freshwater stingrays will eat them and clear some space for you). Freshwater stingrays can eat smelt, as well as earthworms, not to mention the classic brine shrimp. What else should you keep in mind?

Well, did you know that most freshwater stingray have very tiny mouths? That is why they prefer to munch on those smaller types of fish (less work chewing, etc.). Black worms can make a great meal choice, as well, and try to go live if you can (feeding your freshwater stingrays live food options as much as possible).

All that said, the freshwater stingray is a great pet. My favorite breed is the Marbled Motoro Stingray. Perhaps you have one you like more? Let us know!