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Mystery Snail

Author : Efrain Silva

What is the mystery snail, you might want to know? Well, friends, the mystery snail is none other than the Pomacea Bridgessii, a special type of snail that is a true, natural scavenger at heart — and unlike other snails, all in all. The mystery snail’s home or origin is no mystery ; it, in fact, is known to come from the freshwaters of South America (so by that, you can easily tell that it likes it where it’s warm). The mystery behind the mystery snail, some have asked, could be its inability to give birth underwater?

In some ways, indeed, you would not be wrong — snails, as most pet owners already know (some having to learn it the hard way), tend to spawn like wildfires…..but no, not in this case. The mystery snail is, in fact, known to not give birth in your aquarium, and that, folks, is a true mystery of mysteries. Further research may perhaps, one day, tell us why exactly this is — but of course, the fun is always in the mystery, as they say.

A mystery snail, as a side note, does lay eggs of its own, but it’s only when it’s above water and it feels secure enough to do so. The female is always on high alert, watching for any predator that may interfere with her due process, in this regard. Usually, some moisture is provided to the egg, when above water, so that it may hatch when the time is right….apparently, these mama mystery snails really are paranoid of some underwater predator snatching up their eggs or hurting them before that can give birth!

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