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Celestial Pearl Danios

Author : Efrain Silva


Wow, what a name for a fish : Let’s stop there and admire the clever wit behind whoever decided to sit there and name it…whoo – eeh! This fish, like its name, has no less an awesome appearance that is catchy and easily remembered in a positive way. This fish — how do I put it? — is small, but its snout is quite blunt altogether. It’s a rather plump fish, all in all, and measures right at around 2 cm, respectively.

Males are bright blue. Females are bronze green. Yet there are rare exceptions. Also, this fish has some very brightly - colored fins, impossible not to notice.


The diet is omnivorous, so don’t forget that during peak feeding times, and your fish will thank you kindly. Go for some zooplankton, while not forgetting algae and other plant life here and there. You can do dry food as well — heck, flakes and pellets enter their small mouths with ease and are scrumptiously enjoyed in a heartbeat, if there’s enough hunger. You can feed this fish once every couple of days, dropping in about 2 - 3 pellets with each feeding and noticing if they eat them up asap (which means 1 more pellet may be good). Don’t overfeed.


This fish takes on an origin like no other, and it has been originally found — get this — only in Myanmar. Thank God modern innovation has allowed for it to be easily transported and sold in other places, like our fish shops.

Anyways, this fish has been marked a traditional fish of Myanmar’s Inle Lake, inside a very specific sub - region known to the world as Hopong. Its official name is the Danio margaritatus (who’s craving a good margarita, after just reading that?). How many other fish do you know that have the word ‘margarita’ in their name?

Roommate Situation

Would getting a roommate be a blessing or a problem, for a fish like this? Well, you have to consider what follows : This fish is shy. With that said, the very best solution, if it needs other tank mates at all, would be to stick with those who are of a similar stature and size than it (as well as others that play nicely and love peace just as much as it, peaceful fish). TRY SOME GUPPIES! Killifish are nice as well.

Why not a few Corydoras? These all love peace and are calm fish. You won’t go wrong.

Other Facts to Note

Other things to consider? Well, here’s one — Celestial Pearl Danios also answer to the name of galaxy rasbora, but only in certain aquarium trade circles, respectively. You may or may not have heard the term : Now you know what fish it’s referring to. Also, each time the female spawns, it can produce up to 30 eggs at once (oh, boy!).

Its eggs hatch after only 3 - 4 full days. That’s fast, when you think about it. So what do you think? Will this fish make a good addition to your tank?