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Hermit Crab Care

Author : Efrain Silva

So, reader, have no shame : You are here because you, like a good pet owner who is diligent and careful of the life of his / her pet, decided to get a hermit crab….and what’s more, to do the proper research online to know how to best take perfect care of it, right? I hope that would be the case, my dear friend, and without further ado, let’s get started. The first thing you will want to have in mind, right here and right now, is that the hermit crab is — no joke —- one of the easiest pets you could ever have to take care of. Whew! Yes, take a good, long breath and relax ; I’m about to help you out with some further info. as well….

Like I said, the hermit crab, though it’s got a few sensitivities of its own, is nowhere near as sensitive or needy as, say, your turtle (or even your rabbit, your dog, or your siamese cat, for that matter). Honestly speaking, even fish, most likely, are a thousand times more complicated when it comes to maintaining their necessities in order to ensure their survival and overall life span alike. So take it easy. Now, here’s some things to keep in mind….

One of the most convenient things you can give your little hermit buddie (or, as I like to call them, ‘hermies’), is the precious gift of space and time. Now, I’m not talking like an astronaut here, rambling on about time and space. What I mean is, this little guy needs your time and attention ; just a few minutes each day, you’ve heard the saying, “can go a long way”. Show it your attention 10 - 15 minutes daily, as you are able to, and rub its shell, so it feels attended and has some power of touch, so to speak. It will know that it’s cared for, and that someone else happens to live there with it as well. This is a real, proven psychological need that this creature has, believe it or not….

Also, I mentioned space (yes, lots of space), and by this, I mean the following : Hermit crabs are happiest when they are in an open - world (think Minecraft or something like that, right? No parameters or limits), or in this case, a big tank (10 gallons or bigger). It needs to feel like it can feel free to move around and roam, to its own heart’s content, nothing stopping it. This is good for its mental health and even growth (especially once it’s been locked inside an aquarium or pet tank for so long, every single day).

Yes, quarantine is not fun, even for pets. So a bigger size tank always helps…those little guys have to do something to thrive and survive, and not go insane! Make sure it’s tank’s humidity is at 50 % or higher, 70 % being ideal.

Also, it’s ideal temperature is 75 F. Keep this as such 24 / 7. As for its water, tropical aquarium freshwater works best. Feed your crab vegetables, meats and nuts!