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Baby Snapping Turtle

Author : Efrain Silva

Whenever you’ve even remotely heard the name of the ‘baby snapping turtle’, you probably stopped and thought ‘cute’, ‘baby’, and ‘turtle’ all in the same breath ; and you, my friend, would not be totally wrong. But of course, like with every other little creature in the amazing aqua animal kingdom, there is much more to be said, and not only is there more than meets the eye, when speaking of this particular turtle, but there is more to be learned, still. Experts continue to research this fascinating little aqua turtle on a yearly basis, coming up with new findings constantly.

North America, Canada and Nova Scotia are its homes of origin, and each has seen a unique breed of this turtle. Keep in mind also : This freshwater animal likes to be in the water more than it does above water (that’s right — it can be above water and breathe normally, without issues, just like we humans can, though its ideal place is in the water). If the current is moving slowly, and the water is turbid, you are bound to come across one of these turtles (especially if you’re in Florida’s beautiful waters). Now, what else can we come to derive about this amazing type of turtle? Good question.

Well, there is the fact that it buries itself in the mud, and more often than you would think, only popping out its nose every now and again to breathe a bit of air (or water). It may stick its eyes out as well. Do not be alarmed ; in fact, if you can get some “play sand” or special aqua tank sand that they sell at the store, put some in before adding the fresh water to the tank. Try to make the tank as much as possible similar to the original environment of your baby snapping turtle, and if it could speak, it would thank you for doing so….those little details go a long way in keeping your turtle alive and well (and for as long as possible, I might add).

I mentioned it will stick out its “nose” to breathe, but what I mean are its two nostril holes (see Google pictures of this turtle online ; turtles do not generally have what we call a “nose”, but you get the idea). Also, there is more to keep in mind here, such as the fact that the baby snapping turtle indeed likes to hide itself, all the time (whether in fresh water or in your tank at home). So with that thought fresh in the back of your mind, try to get some rocks or big leaves / plants / foliage while you are still at the store. This helps it have plenty of options for when it wants its own privacy — ‘nuff said.

This turtle is omnivorous, by the way! And it eats a lot, no shame attached. So get plenty of turtle food ready. When it’s chow time, it’s chow time!