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Pearl Gourami

Author : Efrain Silva


The Pearl Gourami fish is — get this — even as large as 12 cm (or nearly 5 inches)! Its color is silver - brown, and a gorgeous sort of pearl pattern envelopes its outer skin as well, looking so nicely reflective in the sun (as it shines on the waters where this little dude swims around).

From its head to fins, a nice smooth little black line runs down. Get this : The male, in this case, is larger and more colorful than the female. (In the world of fish, many times, it’s backwards, as the female is larger and more colored, but not in this case with this fish).


It’s good to eat something good and tasty, right? Something good for both its taste buds and its nutritional needs, all at once….indeed, and that would be the omnivore diet. Insects, eggs (their own and sometimes those of others), algae…they’ll do it all, seeking that rich protein that keeps them going. And if they feel like picking at a plant, or two, along the way, they’ll have at it as well, showing no mercy! They’re not violent or aggressive, but they can eat!

They do live food as well. Try glass worms. Or how about black worms? Blood worms work, too. And don’t forget some brine shrimp!


This fish comes from the Gourami species (go figure, it’s in the name, anyways), and its full name is the Trichopodus leerii. The Gourami come from South East Asia.

Borneo is one of the islands that houses it the most, in addition to Sumatra. Yes, when it comes to finding this fish in its natural home, there is no better place to visit than these two hot spots, great locations for tourism and learning fish culture as well, by the way. Take a trip sometime and immerse yourself in the experience!

Roommate Situation

This fish is super peaceful, always a plus to have! Put alongside just about any other fish that is the same way (even if it is bigger or smaller than it, in this case, though that may not be said for other fish). “Peace” is perhaps the motto of this fish, which it repeats to itself every day before rising, no joke. You shouldn’t have any troubles with it attacking anyone, and if the others around it aren’t aggressive, then it’s a win - win everywhere.

Because of this, there are countless great options. Lots of tank mates can make the cut. But here’s a couple choices you can start with — Danios, Dwarf Gourami (or heck, why not also some Plecos and Neon Tetras?)…..

Other Facts to Note

These fish (at least their male form) blow bubbles! Such bubbles actually rise to the top of the tank, hitting the surface and floating uptop. That is their saliva, in bubble form. Don’t say it’s gross…we all have saliva!

Why wait? Hurry! Now is your time to pick up some Pearl Gourami and a fresh tank for them!