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Author : Efrain Silva


This wild fish holds sort of a dull, silver color, but does not look bad at all. Its fins are yellow. It’s typically seen to have whitish - grayish eyeball with dark black pupils. There have also been black - colored mollies (which are often seen to be just a bit smaller than the silverish one I just described above).

These often resemble black and white stains (black and white colored fish? How cool). Females can grow to be 12 cm, and males get up to 8! The ladies can sure be big, which is often interesting to note.


It has daily needs for a good sustained, balanced diet, just like many others, and these needs are omnivorous in nature. Like a good omnivore, the Molly is there (remember that funny State Farm commercial?)! They mostly consume on algae, so if you can get some in the tank, do so. Other plants they love as well. What I personally like to do — and every fish owner has their own way of doing this — is put plenty of fresh, raw algae even spread all over the inside of the tank (while still leaving enough room for the fish to move around comfortably in).

And then, I let the fish eat from that abundant supply, when and how it wants to (it knows its own eating schedule better than I do). This also gives me a break and cuts you, as a busy individual, some slack ; you don’t have to religiously remember feeding times each day (which can be annoying if you have to feed your fish 2 - 3 times a day, don’t you agree?)…..


Its origin, technical name is the Poecilia sphenops. It comes from the Poecilia genus. But to keep it short and sweet, aquarists decided to stick to the name of ‘Molly’, or ‘Common Molly’, in some cases. Some also refer to it as the Short - Finned Molly.

This fish has been seen most in Mexico, but I’m sure it gets around more, through commerce and trade. You can find it at any local Petco that sells it, or even at the fish section of your local Walmart store (some have their own fish aquarium sections near the garden center, and you would just have to ask if your store has one).

Roommate Situation

We all need a good vibe, when deciding to live with someone else, and everyone needs someone (even fish can get lonely, believe it or not). So with that being said, do consider that this fish is community - minded and peaceful all at the same time….what a great package! Buy this fish, and you get the full package and more.

Anyways, in terms of who else you can side it with, in an aqua tank, think of the following fish : Harlequin Rasboras, Cherry Barbs, Zebra or Yo - Yo Loaches, Tetras or Platies.

Other Facts to Note

This fish is a lot of fun to have. Do remember to change the water in the aqua tank!