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Author : Efrain Silva


The platy tends to be a very, very small fish from what I’ve seen, and it has a nice, blue wagtail. It is fast. Its maximum length has been noted as nearly 3 inches (2.8, in exact measurements). The caudal fin of the male platy is more pointy than that of the female, just as a side note. The female’s anal fin is uniquely shaped in the form of a fan, all in all. This fish can appear calm and loving, but make no mistakes, it will eat its own babies or eggs, if needed. It comes in many kinds of colors.


It was born an omnivore, and it’ll die an omnivore, but has no regrets about it — that’s the best way to live your life, while down here on earth. This fish does best on a high - vegetable diet, believe it or not, so when you go to the store to pick out your own regular veggies, get some extras as well to accommodate your beautiful little Platies and their meal needs as well. Yes, although Platies are technically omnivores, they prefer diets of herbivores, which can’t be truly explained. Yet they’ll also settle for varied plants, worms, insects, crustaceans, etc.


Central America’s East Coast, respectively, is where you’ll find this fish swam its way from (and is still found lurking about). Not only there, but in Southern Mexico, more specifically, you will find many more of its kind as well. So, you can already tell, this fish likes it where it’s hot. Humid climates with a tropical feel, that is its nature. The Xiphophorus genus is the one it comes from, as well as the Poeciliidae family. Are you ready to hear its full - on scientific name, syllable for syllable? See if you can pronounce this : the Xiphophorus maculatus.

Roommate Situation

It’s a bit common (like it is with dogs, to use one similar example) for the male fish of this species to play around and fight with other males. Call it a bit of friendly horseplay, but they are good sports at it. Yet with all this said, they are still generally labeled as peaceful and non - aggressive, mostly. So to find a good tank mate, get other fish that are just the same (as well as in size). Try some Characins or Gouramis, in addition to peaceful - type Barbs (yes — not all Barbs are peaceful). Company is always welcomed.

Other Facts to Note

Here’s a good little secret that has escaped the knowledge of many other fish owners out there, but you can now know it and implement it yourself : It is actually wise to keep more female Platies in your tank than you do males. Why is this, you might think? Well, it would simply be due to the fact that the female gets chased around a lot as is normal for this breed, and thus gets tired. A good female - to - male ratio would be 3:1 or 2:1.