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Marbled Hatchetfish

Author : Efrain Silva


This small fish looks like the literal equivalent of a small, silver bullet shooting across a distant stream underwater —- no, literally, just Google the name and look at its images pages, and you will see that it’s silver and moves quite fast indeed.

This tiny guy is shaped like a hatchet slightly (or if you notice closely enough, what looks like a silver bullet that grew a beer belly or protruding stomach, very interesting and unique indeed). This fish has got a bright pattern that’s marble - like, and that’s where the name comes from!


The diet on this one can be pellets, flakes, plants and even some of those delicious (or delicious to them) frozen cubes that the pet store sells — which carry mosquito larvae inside. Those fish love this, for some reason, and can not seem to get enough of it when you provide it….all the more reason to spoil your new fish.

Just remember to go for those freeze - dried foods as they are the most freshly preserved and take longer to ‘spoil’ or rot, which gives them a longer life span and more use. Make sure to feed twice a day, at most.


This fish technically goes by the name of Carnegiella strigata, and it proudly hails from none other than the one and only Amazonian rivers of South America. There, you can find it all around.

It was said that primitive hunters and fishers alike would always be captivated by the brilliant shine of this fish, especially when the sun would light right on it in any stream (which could sometimes be blinding as well, at least the quick flash of this fish as it passes by and reflects the sun from under the water). This South American fish is beautiful to behold!

Roommate Situation

You always want to think about having the right kind of fish, together with the right kind of fish. There is simply no way to overstate this matter to get the point across — it is of vital urgency as failing to study which fish go with which fish can end up in the loss of life (for one, several, or all of your fish in the tank).

Think of how some people don’t do well with other people, in living situations, and know that with fish, it could be a hundred times worse ; unfriendly fish eat each other alive. These fish are peaceful - natured, but just keep them away from way bigger fish.

Other Facts to Note

Did you know that soft, acidic types of water are better for this kind of fish? It’s true : So if you can, by any and all means, regulate the temperature inside your fish tank (if it’s temperature or climate controlled), then do so accordingly.

Also, know that if it’s female form happens to lay eggs, this will usually scatter by nature (or they’ll scatter them, but you know what I mean). Buy some fish today!