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Betta Fish

Author : Efrain Silva

Their Appearance

To say these beautiful, shiny fish are simply “brightly - colored” would perhaps be to make the biggest understatement of the century. These gorgeous creatures of the marine - aquatic animal kingdom are truly a spectacle to witness, any day of the year. They are not hard to notice either ; once you’ve spotted one in the ocean, after seeing their visible array and splendour through a simple online search, you’ll know you’ve just come across a betta fish.

How They’re Known

Want to know another interesting fact? These fish also go by other names…..

What do I mean? Well, simply put, in some places, they’re known as Siamese Fighting Fish (so don’t mess with these guys —- they fight!). Their original name is Betta Splendens, which, as you can guess, has been shortened to Betta (aka the amazing Betta Fish). And some rightfully call them the Siamese Fighting Fish for a reason ; these small creatures can and will attack if they detect hostility. They show signs of aggression in everyday motions and are not to be messed with.

Their Diet

These special fish are definitely of the carnivorous type, which implies they need plenty of protein. They’re known to consume shrimp, worms, daphnia, other types of smaller fish, and even mosquito larvae, in some cases — whoa! Not only that, but they also have the innate ability to survive up to two full weeks without eating anything at all — 14 days, to be exact, in most cases.

Good “Roommates” for Them

As a responsible fish owner, you should always keep in mind what types of species you put next to which. Some do get along well, and others do not, naturally (whether or not they attack each other, they may simply not be the best fit due to their environmental needs and habitat — keep that in mind). Yet some small creatures tend to be paired in tanks next to others, simply for purposes of feeding, which is normal.

So the only time you should consider dropping in a worm, for instance, is right before the kill (leave too much “food” in the tank for these fish, and it could be bad because these fish can only eat so much at once.

Any additional food left over will simply remain in the tank and begin to decompose, likewise degrading the quality of the water in the tank, which is bad for the life of your fish (regardless, even in some cases, in which you already have a water filter installed inside the tank).

Anyways, roommates? Try some Tetras. How about some Plecos and Catfish as well (Cory types get along especially well with Betta fish and co - adapt naturally).

Other Short Facts to Keep in Mind

Betta fish are native to Asia. They can also build unique bubble nests of their own. These vary in size.

So, they’re bright and carnivorous! They can be a bit aggressive. Nonetheless, altogether, they make great aquarium / tank pets to own. Find them at your local pet store today!