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Cherry Narb

Author : Efrain Silva


The Cherry Barb carries a slim extended body, stretching around 2 full inches. They have a sidelong stripe that goes from head to tail. Guys will in general be of a red / cherry shading, while females are more white. You will likewise see that females additionally will be rounder in the stomach while guys are somewhat slimmer and more brilliantly shaded.


Omnivorous is their motto. It is their way of life. This implies they are not particular about what they eat. Diatoms, green growth, other plant matter, little bugs, worms, scavengers, and other zooplankton all make an incredible feast for these little fish. In a tank setting, anyways, this implies you can offer basically anything and they’ll eat it.

Solidified or live nourishments like salt - water shrimp, daphnia, or blood worms will keep these fish cheerful. You can likewise utilize chips that contain some measure of plant material. Go green!


It comes from Sri Lanka. Mexico and Colombia have adopted it as well. It may be found in numerous countries that have imported it for sale as well. All in all, experts everywhere have concluded in unison that it’s a fish made best for tropical freshwaters. Its full and lengthier name is Puntius titteya.

Habitually, it’s known to hang around calm bodies of water. It appreciates the serenity and feel, one could say. For every male you find, there are two or more females present (lucky for the guys).

Roommate Situation

These barbs take extraordinary steps to keep their surroundings tranquil. Remember that the first days you include your fish in the new tank, you may not see a lot of movement. You may see them concealing under plants, shyly hiding away from the outside. This is typical with tentative fish and isn’t a concern : Give them an opportunity to get used to their new environmental factors before expecting there is an issue here….

Other Facts to Note

When adding fish to your locale tank, the most significant thing to consider is demeanor. Forceful fish will bother tamer fish, making them cover up. Beware : Others like Tiger Barbs are known for assaulting the blades of other fish. This is the case for a fish that is forceful enough to cause issues, but however, won’t really eat your fish (like Oscars or Cichlids will).

The Cherry Barb is best kept in gatherings of at least five others ; however, the schools are frequently less discrete than those of different breeds. Inside these schools, there will probably be a pecking order. The male will continually annoy the females to raise their young, for some reason.. The normal life expectancy of this fish is four years, with the greatest one recorded to have lasted around seven years. The tank ought to have bottomless plant material ; however, the fish additionally needs open space to swim.

It will in general stow away and will regularly pull back under the front of plants. The more youthful male is commonly serene. However, a developed male can be forceful when reproducing.