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How to Clean a Fish Tank

Author : Efrain Silva

Here is what a lot of lazy fish tank owners fail to get — your fish tank has a very delicate eco - system, all in all. After all, the fish swimming around in it need a very particular water level and temperature, along with other basic elements, in order to survive and thrive. Emulating their original habitat is one of the best ways to go, and it starts with having a clean tank, to begin with. Now, here’s a common myth that many fish owners have been deceived into thinking, time and time again. And it’s been going on for so many decades. It basically says, “I need to clean out all the water in my fish tank all at once, and sometimes I’m just too busy to do it”.

If you properly maintain the tank, this could not be further from the truth (plus you can always make the time by taking 5 - to - 10 minutes every week). In fact, experts argue that it is even a very bad idea to take out all the water from the tank at once (since it has been found that, 90 % of the time, the good bacteria has already been building up in there, from the presence of the fish and their way of life). And of course, another myth holds that smaller bowls or tanks are, in fact, easier to clean (which is not always the case) ; keeping your water stable, in fact, helps you keep all of it clean at once, and this is easier done when there is both a bigger tank and more water inside (which has been permeated more with the healthy spread of good bacteria). Interesting, right? But read on —- there is so much more to grasp here…..

To only further add to your insight here, consider the three R’s (which you may or may not have already heard of) : Regulate, Remove, and Replenish. Yes, these three R’s are exactly what they indicate. Regulate your nitrogen, keeping those nitrates low, and this is where it all starts. But don’t forget to regularly remove some organic compounds like those dissolved, all while later replenishing any minerals lost (putting in fresh new ones). Here are some more tips to follow….

Feed your fish two times each and every single day (not missing a feeding), and if you notice any uneaten food that you have dropped, remove it from the water by using the proper scooper ; this allows the food to stay out of the water and not degrade inside, affecting the quality overall (and perhaps putting more strain on the filter as well, depending on the quality of filter you have). Easy enough, right? It’s simple but people still forget it. Also, you may want to check your water gravity and temperature from time to time, not failing to do your own little pH inspections and checking out the ammonia levels as well.

So know that there is nothing like a fresh, clean fish tank. I hope this has helped. You can do it — keep that tank clean at all times!