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Author : Efrain Silva


Guppies, my friend, are the “cute” sort of fish most girls remember and talk about in their teens and later on…it’s the adorable type of fish with an adorable type of name, all in all. A guppy sounds like a “puppy” (which people, in their mind, equate to and recall in the same way whenever it is mentioned). This little guppy — guess what else? — can come in every sort of color you can possibly dream of, and that is why it makes one of the best colored fish tanks around, as well.

Guy guppies are smaller than girl guppies. The fins of both are quite ornamental. They have black pupils.


To eat or not to eat? That is the true question of this hour. To provide the answer, all the while giving you a bit of branding knowledge, all at the same time, think two words — Fancy Guppy. What do I mean by Fancy Guppy?

Fancy Guppy is a brand of delicious food made just for your guppy. If you want things to be affordable and easy, just buy some! Guppies are also omnivores and can eat mosquitos, flakes, plants, and other insects or fish.


The Guppy fish is Southern and American and proud to call itself any sort of American at all. Ready to learn its real name? Here it goes (and you might botch this up, the first few times you try to pronounce it, but I dare you to try it) —- Poecilia reticulata. And of course, no fish would ever be all that it is without its wonderful family : This one’s is the Poeciliidae family. This fish, not different from dozens of others, is also of the “Animalia” (when it comes to classifying it by its kingdom, respectively).

Roommate Situation

The roommate situation is not looking too bad, I would have to say, if you have done your research (but that is why you are reading this blog piece, so I’ve got you covered, heh heh). The answer is really nothing less than an easy one, in this case – ready for it? For a Guppy, you should get more Guppies! A Guppy is its own best friend, mate, and more. You could even fill an entire 20 - gallon tank with nothing but these little guys, and you would be more than fine.

Other Facts to Note

Want to hear something crazy and out of this planet???? What I am about to let you in on is a little secret not too many others know — the Guppy, if it’s male, is actually able to tell if another Guppy nearby it (if it is female) is a virgin or not! This sounds like an old wives’ tale from the wackadoo hut, but it’s actually been proven true by scientists who back their claims.

There’s more. Female Guppies can get pregnant over and over again from the same initial fertilization experience. Isn’t that wild? True facts.