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Turtle Food

Got a hungrier - than - ever, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle living at home (or perhaps a regular one that’s neither a teen nor a mutant, nor a ninja, like most of us have….which is the best kind)? If you do, folks, there are a few things out there that you should know about. And if you’ll allow me, in the next few seconds, I can walk you through a few of those facts, at least in terms of what to feed your turtle. Let’s get started….

So first things first, please do keep in mind that pizza is not a good option, and does not work as ‘turtle food’ in real life (so shred that idea, or at least send it back to the Shredder). Yes, Donny, Mikey, Leo, and Ralph love themselves a good slice, but your turtle will not (it is not half - human). Anyways, a few good options for turtle food can be floating food sticks, and these come in so many varieties (were I to list every single one found online or inside stores, we would be here til’ next year, haha). The ones that the brand Tetra makes are not bad at all, and many think of them as the first choice ; they offer plenty of nutritional value which your turtle needs, especially in the form of Vitamin C (to keep its immune system up, and its life span overall quite strong). These also offer lots of Calcium, keeping your turtle’s bones and shell strong and healthy at the same time.

You might also want to stop and think about picking up some Zoo Med branded turtle food, which is all - natural and even tastes so good (ask your turtle). It uses little - to - no preservatives, nor artificial flavors or ingredients ; that means there are little synthetic / chemical additives at all. The smallest size that one single container of this will come in has been known to be 1.6 oz. And you can also pick up one as big as 90 oz (if you’re going to leave the house for a long time, and perhaps turn on the automatic fish feeder for a year, heh heh heh). Whole cranberries are included in the ingredients here — oh, how delicious (makes me feel like sitting down to eat a handful of them myself, ha hahh).

Another one, that maybe does not get enough promotion or advertising publicly, but which I still think is a great turtle food option, would be the one called “Fluker’s Buffet Blend”. It is a best - seller, with hundreds of great reviews, but not too many people seem to know about the brand, which is interesting. It blends together some of the best freeze - dried foods that a turtle could ever eat, and puts them in a single glass jar, and sells it online or through store pickup!

In it, you’ve got river shrimp. You’ve got meal worms. Heck, you’ve even got a few pellets thrown in there. Try all these turtle foods and see!