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Freshwater Snails

Author : Efrain Silva

There are a TON —- believe me or not — of interesting benefits to having freshwater snails in your aqua tank. These are a great little pet to keep around, and we will now see why that is ; so get ready for a great read. First of all, freshwater snails add new color to whatever environment they enter — did you know that? Very few people do.

But also, these freshwater snails increase the overall healthy bacteria levels in the aqua tank, keeping the good bacteria in and the bad out. So when it comes to the overall cleanliness of the interior of the aqua tank, you can rest assured that these small snails will work like a charm to get the job done — they’ll remove all kinds of gross, harmful substances not only from the glass walls inside but also from the very bottom of the tank (which many tank owners themselves often forget about or are simply too busy to take the time to clean). They’ll get right to it, naturally — it’s just what they do.

Believe it or not, these snails can eat up a bunch of the waste, as it is good for their digestive system and edible 100% to them. That’s where all the gunk disappears to (makes me want to think twice about actually eating a snail myself, for that very reason alone, and it’s the same reason I don’t eat pork, since pigs lie around in waste and even eat it). Got some rotting waste? Consider it gone.

How about some old leftovers from the last meal of fish food — fish pellets, crumbs, flakes that have not been eaten? No worry there either, since these will not lie around in the water for too long. Count on your freshwater snails to take care of them. Even if it’s rotting leaves, or heck, even fish waste that has still not been filtered out by the filter in the aqua tank (tell me you did get a filter, right?), those freshwater snails will eat to their heart’s content, and your problem will be solved. That makes for less regular aqua tank cleaning sessions altogether, saving you time in the process, too.

There are several different kinds of freshwater snails you can buy, and taking care of them is perhaps the harder part than choosing which ones to bring one. But that’s all a matter of opinion, of course, and perhaps a great new topic for a future article. Anyways, when maintaining these gorgeous little freshwater snails, consider a few things in order to help them get to their best life span : Water quality (pH levels and temperature, and all that good stuff), decent substrate material, and solid tank mates (ideally not large fish or aggressive ones) as the most important factors.

So what are you waiting for, you guys? Tired of just having a fish tank! Now, mix it up and get your own snail tank, and put some freshwater snails in there. The party begins as soon as you want it to!