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Bolivian Ram

Author : Efrain Silva

The bolivian ram requires care like that of no other fish in your collection. Start by getting a good water filter in your tank, if there’s not one already. And make sure to also clean its water regularly (or have it self - filter, not forgetting to swap out the old filter for a new one every three months or so). This is an easy going fish, all in all, and it is a peaceful one that also comes in so many great colors — it’s not a rainbowfish, per se, but it still comes pretty close, I would have to add. There is really no other fish like this in all the world, and that’s a fact ; you want to know what makes it one - of - a - kind, then, do you? Well….

For one, it is one of the shyest of all the cichlids in the world, in fact, the least likely (as some say) to bother any of your other fish in the tank ; they keep to themselves as much as they can, much like a gamer to his levels (myself included). For this reason, this kind of fish is one of the all - time best that you can think of when it comes to putting together a nice little ‘community fish tank’ or supplementing your current one, if you have one already. You could say this fish is “no drama attached”, unlike others, going out of its way to not bother or harm the other aqua life near it, to an extent.

This is the perfect beginner type of fish, as some have labeled it, being one of the most simple and easy to take care of, all in all. Even breeding it is easy. The life span of this fish, to be exact, is four years (but give or take a few weeks, heh heh) ; make sure you feed it well, change its water, and provide good lighting, and you can get it up to that 4 - year mark easily, no worries there. Speaking of taking good care of it, here is another thing you must take note of —- this fish should go in a minimum (absolute smallest) 30 - gallon tank size. It’s also an omnivore type of eater and gets along well with other omnivores, preferably those who are peaceful and enjoy the same fresh water as well. (It is a freshwater fish, after all.)

Make sure you account for plenty of room to swim in, within the tank. This fish likes to move about freely. Also, feel free to have a few plants in there, along with it, such as the incredible Wisteria or Java Fern ; or, hey, you could even mix it up and throw in a few Anubias Nanas or also the expert - recommended Amazon Swords. This fish loves plants. If you’re going to be gone for a few days, consider cleaning the tank before leaving.

Check out the bolivian ram, then, if you’re looking for a good time, and a new pet — you may not be disappointed at all. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired to buy several, and keep them in separate varied tanks as well.