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Author : Efrain Silva


When I speak of Goldfish, in this very special instance, I am not referring to one of my all - time fave snacks as a child : The snack that smiles back. No, no, no….this time, I’m talking about the actual fish that Pepperidge Farms decided to name a snack after — the one and only, the Goldfish! Now, with so many dozens of fish life species out there in the universe, new ones being discovered every single month, what — you may ask — is so darn special about this one? I’m about to tell you….

The Goldfish, aka Carassius auratus, is not only yellow or orange in color as most pictured are. But it comes in other colors, too. In fact, there’s brown, red, white and even black variants as some of the most common in the ocean as well.


The pellet diet is not a bad one for your Goldfish (do not, as some have humorously attempted to do, believe it or not) feed your Goldfish Goldfish crackers. Those are made for people. A balance is good, of course, so don’t stick to just pellets only — mix in some flakes. The food, however, needs to get to the bottom, where the Goldfish eats it best, so a sinking pellet form is best. You can also place your flakes at the water’s bottom surface.


I mentioned it derives its name from the original Carassius auratus, but I did not even begin to mention where this fish first got its backstory….do not worry, we are getting there. This fish comes from East Asia and is noted to have been a favorite of the Chinese way back in time, over 1,000 years ago. There are several distinct sub - breeds of the Goldfish as well. It has become quite popular!

Roommate Situation

One of the very best tank mates you can place your Goldfish with are — ready for it? —- other Goldfish! This, at least, is one of my favorite solutions, and it’s quick and simple to do. Here’s what you can do…..

After you buy the fish from the store, bring them straight home. Then, have the new fish tank ready to go, and place them inside their bag, directly into the tank. Allow about 20 minutes for them to adjust to the temperature of the tank. The, transfer the fish in, using a net, and avoid getting the plastic bag water in the tank.

Other Facts to Note

You’ll want to not add in any more than 1 - 2 fish at once, so that the tank’s filter (please tell you bought one and know how to use it) can get used to the waste that they bring in. Keep in mind : Every time that a new fish gets dropped in, the fish tank’s chemical balance overall will be altered. With that said, it is your duty to check the nitrate / nitrite, not to mention pH levels, often. Have fun with your new Goldfish tank, friends!